Free 10-Day Quarantine Webinar: From Survive to Thrive in the Tire & Auto Repair Industry

10 Days. 10 Themes. Get Actionable Advice from Proven Industry Professionals.

April 27 - May 8 Weekdays via Zoom at 11 am ET / 8 am PT

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With mandatory stay-at-home orders in place across the country, we all have a little more time on our hands. For shop owners, this is an opportunity to focus on implementing better practices that will help you stop treading water and start growing your business again.

There’s no cost. No nonsense. Just actionable advice.

Several shop owners have told us they never have the time to focus on their businesses because they are so deep in the weeds running their operations. Their time is spent dealing with day-to-day issues of all types, preventing them from focusing on the bigger picture. Now’s the perfect time to regain that focus.

We want to see the industry come out of this in better shape, so we’re dedicating 10 days to help tire businesses go from surviving to thriving during these unprecedented times. This is a FREE webinar series that we’re providing without any strings attached - no gimmicks and no bull. 

What topics are covered?


Defining Your Shop’s Vision - Neal Maier 3VE

Day 1: 4/27

Marketing Your Shop in a Crisis - Neal Maier 3VE

Day 6: 5/4

Integrating Technology - Matt Peters, Tireweb Marketing

Day 2: 4/28

Invest For Your Future - Scott Blair, 2U Mobile Solutions

Day 7: 5/5

Assessing Your Market & Competitors - Neal Maier 3VE

Day 3: 4/29

Clicks to Bricks: Becoming a Contactless Tire and Auto Service Dealer - Chance Harrington, TireConnect

Day 8: 5/6

Sales Training - The Language of Commitment - Dan Molloy, Molloy Sales Development Group

Day 4: 4/30

Retain & Re-engage - Jennifer Thronson, BayIQ

Day 9: 5/7

Crafting Your Competitive Differentiation - Neal Maier 3VE

Day 5: 5/1

Putting It All Together: Creating Your Marketing Plan - Neal Maier 3VE

Day 10: 5/8

Week 1

Week 2

Learn From Leaders In the Industry


Can’t make it to every session?

You may be thinking - hey, 10 days is a lot of time to commit to something! You’re right. It is. But, if your shop is slow, no better way to spend 45 minutes of your day! 

Plus, these events are interactive, so no boring webinar sessions.

Really can’t make it? That’s fine. We’ll provide details on where you can access the recordings. Just please remember that to get the most out of this series, it's best for you to be an active participant.

Please remember: this isn’t a silver bullet. It’s not a scheme or a sales pitch. You have to spend the time to learn, plan, and execute on what needs to be done for your shop. But, we’re here to support you along the way.

I’ve been in the tire industry for decades. First in managing a multi-location shop, then in running a marketing agency. I help shop owners, distributors, and manufacturers like you every day from my marketing agency in Cary, North Carolina. 

Neal Maier

PS. If I can be of any assistance to you, here’s a link to my personal calendly link. 

If you need to bounce an idea around with someone that knows the industry, I’m happy to take the time to meet with you for a free 30-minute session.

Hurry, this opportunity to schedule a session will only last until 5/8!

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