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We are a digital marketing company focused on helping tire and auto repair shop owners move the needle and grow their business.

Other agencies will make you feel like they know your business better than you do. But unless they’ve worked in a shop first-hand, they have no idea what it’s truly like to own a business in this industry.

Together, 3VE’s founding partners have over 20 years of direct, hands-on shop management experience.

Meet the Team

Bio //
David Christopher, Partner

David Christopher


David Christopher started his professional career working in the auto body repair industry. It was during his work at his father’s collision shop that David started to fall in love with cars. It became clear to David that at some point, he too would continue to work in the automotive industry.

In 2005, David partnered with his brother to purchase Ray’s Collision – their father’s business. For some time, David handled the finances, administrative work, and marketing for the 10-bay collision shop. By 2010, David began to grow tired of the marketing companies he was dealing with and knew there had to be more to it than just selling banks of keywords and empty promises. That same year, he went on to found a marketing firm that focused on changing the way business owners were being treated by vowing never to sell companies “marketing packages” that didn’t fit their goals, helping hundreds of companies stop wasting money on channels that had little to no ROI along the way.

Over the last 10 years, David and his team have worked with hundreds of companies to create comprehensive plans that deliver measurable results. He continues to be a silent partner of Ray’s Collision alongside his brother, which is proudly in its 36th year of operation, all while using his unique blend of experience to help successfully lead 3VE.

Bio //
Neal Maier, Partner

Neal Maier


Neal started his career at Chapel Hill Tire Co. as a service advisor responsible for overseeing 17 bays and 23 employees. The fast-paced location was later rebranded to Auto Pro To Call, where Neal was selected to serve as the General Manager. With some success, Neal and partners opened another 10-bay location, growing the shop into a successful, well-respected operation.

Sometime later, Neal decided to pursue his passion for marketing by leaving his position and going to work for a large, local marketing agency. After spending 4 years working with hundreds of clients, Neal went on to become a partner here at 3VE. Thanks to his experience and background in the automotive field, he’s been able to successfully lead the agency’s growth, all while working with some of the largest, most well-known names in the automotive and tire industries.

Kirk A. Sporman

Technical Director

Sarah Baumgarden

Project Manager

Erika Freitag

Creative Director

Matt Zylstra

Marketing Director

Keaton Peak

Content Writer

Mark Chevez

Account Manager

Alex Lucas

Account Manager

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Why Should I Choose 3VE Auto Over Somebody Else?

We’re in a distinct position to help our clients. We’re not “package dealers” because no two clients of ours are exactly the same. We’re not one man posing as 50 behind a screen in a faraway land. We know what it takes to make it in this industry, because we’ve been exactly where you are now. We handle everything, be it superior solutions to common problems or focused solutions to unique problems. We have the firsthand experience and expertise that other agencies simply don’t have.

We solve your problems, move your business, and evolve your marketing.


We eat, breathe, and sleep automotive marketing, so you don’t have to.